Knitting and Crochet

An update! No way!

I feel terrible that I haven’t updated in awhile, but to be honest, I’m still working on the same project–the ribbon-yarn tank top from Vogue Knitting.  I went away for a week to San Francisco and didn’t pick up the needles once while I was gone (bad Polgara!), so I’m still working on the back side, but I’m getting there–only half an inch more before shaping for the straps, then I can get started on the front side.  I know it’s taking me forever, but to be honest, I’m not a big fan of stockinette when it’s not in the round, largely because I’m not a big fan of purling.  My fingers have never really gotten used to the different position, so it takes me about half again as long to purl a row as it does to knit it, and I’m more likely to pause and put the project down when I get to the next purl row.

I want to be finished, though, so I can start a new project–probably another baby blanket, as I still haven’t touched a single skein of the cotton I bought when the twins were first born.  (They’re doing very well, btw–still in NICU, but growing nicely.)  But I also want to do another crocheted project, so we’ll just have to see where my mood takes me when I’ve finally finished this tank top of DOOOOOOM.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got.  Sorry for the scarce post, but I figured a little post was better than no post at all.

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