Saturday rambles, or, how to avoid your chores

I appear to be in an updating kinda mood, so I figured I’d update here too. I’ve already updated my writing blog and my knitting blog, can’t leave the nonexistent readers of my polgara blog out of the loop. Not that there’s a loop. There’s just me, avoiding my to do list. I wish I could apply the motivation I’m using for avoiding, to the tasks I’m supposed to be doing, like laundry, dishes, groceries, balancing my checkbook, etc. And once the Red Sox game starts in forty minutes, well, that’s three and a half hours more that I won’t be doing my chores. I really suck at being an adult.

I have a conference coming up in San Francisco. I need clean clothes for that. And hopefully, when I balance my checkbook, fingers are crossed that I’ll find a few extra dollars to pick up a new shirt or two for the trip. New shoes would be nice, too.

Trouble is curled up on the chair sleeping, with her paws wrapped around the fuzzy balls of my purse–yes, my purse has fuzzy balls. Sadly, there’s no other way to describe them that isn’t pornographic. The balls drive most of the pets I know to distraction–when I go to PT, Marley (and Maggie, if she’s there) usually make a play for the purse; last week Marley tried to eat the balls. Too cute.

Jack has apparently, finally, realized that he was cranky because he was supposed to be napping, and has disappeared into the bedroom. Weekends always confuse him.

Hmm. Yeah, I’ve really got nothing else. Just the whole avoidance thing. Oh, but if you, my nonexistent reader, have a hankering to purchase a present for someone who may or may not resemble yours truly, might I suggest something like this? Perhaps 15 or so of them, in cedar green? I have a snazzy green tank top in my head that refuses to go away, and it’s screaming for that yarn. 😀

Have a good weekend, and don’t miss the orientation!

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