Cotton at Elann

I’ve always wanted to knit more garments than I do–I tend to be all about the scarves and blankets and handbags, mostly because they don’t require much yarn.  If I have three skeins of Cascade 220, I know it’s enough to make a felted bag; two skeins of novelty yarn will get me a decent scarf; four skeins of Plymouth Encore makes a great Big Bad Baby Blanket.  I don’t usually purchase yarn in greater numbers than that.  Plus, when I buy yarn because I just can’t resist it, it’s usually an alpaca or other wool blend.  Sure, I sometimes buy enough of it to make a tank, but really, who needs a tank made of wool or alpaca?  Tanks should be cotton, and I very very rarely buy cotton.

But two Christmasses ago, JoAnn’s was having their post-Christmas sale, and I picked up ten balls of Lion ribbon yarn (among other stuff), and as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m now making a tank out of it.  Dunno how it’ll turn out, but it’ll be my first adult garment, so yay!  I’m excited about making something new and cool and that I might actually be able to wear.

And then, sends out their monthly newsletter of sales, and omigod, the cotton!  Such beautiful colors, and at only $1.98 for over 100 yards! Omigod I want this yarn soooo much!  Gah!  I’m starting to feel the cotton love, ’cause I want to be making more clothing, dammit, and fewer scarves!

But how can I justify buying more yarn of any type, when I have about three tons of yarn scattered all about the house, waiting to be used?  Not to mention the ginormous garbage bag of yarn in the trunk of my car waiting to go to a good charity.

Want!  Dammit!

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