As of today’s lunch hour, this is how far I’ve gotten with the crochet blanket, started Saturday, February 24th.  Sadly, the white isn’t pure white, but a baby yarn that includes blends of pink and blue separated by stretches of white; otherwise it would be a pretty close approximation of the colors of the Irish flag.  […]

IRL and Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?

My friend Stevie is coming to town this Wednesday! This, of course, means massive cleaning for me, as I’m not one to clean as I go. I still have to vacuum, clean the bathroom, and finish the dishes. But that’s not the point of this post. I’m fairly certain no one actually reads this blog, […]


I’ve added a link to my set of knitting-related pictures on Flickr, under the new header “Links” over in the sidebar.  The set is missing a few things–the scarf and cigarette cozy I made for Allyson, the felted purse I made for my sister, and probably others I’ve forgotten to photograph before giving them away.  […]