Biker babe

I did it–I bought a bike! Last Saturday, after my WW meeting, I headed over to my friend Lori’s to test ride her bikes. Then we decided to go to REI to test ride more bikes, and of course I fell in love with this one. So now I’m a biker, complete with all the accessories (except a mirror and a trunk rack, but I’ll be remedying those soon).

So far I’ve taken it grocery shopping, to this week’s WW meeting, and down to the local mall for some books and vegetables (the Farmer’s Market is in the same location). The street riding is going to take getting used to–I still panic a little when I’m on the street with actual moving cars–but otherwise it’s been a joy. I’m still trying to figure out a storage solution, though–I’m not ready to leave it locked in the garage where anyone can touch it, but I’m thrilled with parking it in my living room, either.

ION, I still have no updates in the knitting/crochet arena. I don’t want to inadvertently slow the healing process by working on anything right now, but I might change my mind in the coming weeks, as I’ll be travelling and nothing combats the horrors of flying coach like focussing on a project.

That’s it for now. My screen is doing a weird flashy thing while I type, so I think I’ll go figure out wtf is going on.

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