Still can't knit

It’s been awhile since my last update, I see. Thanks to my elbow injury (which I suspect was caused by lifting a 30-lb box of cat litter the totally wrong way), I’m still not allowed to knit or crochet, and it’s taking more of a toll than I’d expected.  The boredom, the fidgeting, the “what the hell do I do with my time?” of it all, I kinda saw coming. I underestimated the extent of it, but it was expected.

However, I’m also finding myself cranky, bitchy, and overreacting to the tiniest of annoyances, and I’m wondering if it’s a consequence of losing my “zen” time, those moments when it’s just me and my yarn and my thoughts, when I’m most comfortable with being with myself.

Yes, not being able to knit or crochet is slowly driving me crazy. I asked my PT if I could pleeeeeease just knit something small, and he said, “Read a book.” Yeah, thanks. That’s actually what I’ve been doing (ten books so far, it’s like the old days!), but it’s not enough. I’m not even comfortable watching dvds anymore, without something to occupy my hands. It feels like such a waste of time.

The injury is healing, but slooooowly, and I don’t see me picking up a skein anytime in the next two (*sob*) months. The doc even went so far as to mention the S word (<small>surgery</small>), which would translate even longer to yarn.

Why does my body hate me so?

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