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Chore Wars!

Yesterday I was catching up on my blog reading, surfing WordPress blogs by tags, and I found a reference to “KnitWars.”  Huh, I thought, I wonder what that is?  There was no link, so I googled it and found Lime n Violet’s website, and what I read of KnitWars intrigued me muchly!

They had found a website called ChoreWars, whose sole purpose is to turn chores into a game resembling a D&D adventure.  Sweet!  Groups of people (families, housemates, offices, etc.) create their own gaming party and define their own adventures (i.e. chores), with rewards, treasures and risks attached to each one.  Presumably these families set up a real-life reward/punishment system based on the scores people earn as motivations for the completion of chores and duties.

Lime and Violet created their own chore party, but instead of mopping, dusting and vacuuming, the adventures run more along the lines of finishing a WIP, frogging a lost cause, and spinning 4 oz. of fiber.  You create your own character and keep track of your accomplishments to earn points, gold and treasure–meaningless in the general scheme of things, since this wasn’t set up to compete against other knitters, but a fun way to keep track of what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what each goal might be worth on the scale of your own time.  It’s fun and creative and fantasy-adventurish, and may not be for everyone, but for me, competitive and fantasy-loving me, IT’S AWESOME!  So far I love it to pieces, and I’m hoping it motivates me to finish the many WIPs I have stashed away in drawers and closets.

In fact, I love it so much that I created my own private party of one, with all my single-living, nobody to do them but me, chores and activities (including exercise and good eating habits), in the hopes I can kick myself into gear to get those dishes done, and finally throw that old computer away, and earn points and rewards while I’m at it!  (There’s a 5% chance I can buy myself a new dvd if I brush the kitties tonight!)

Yes, I am a goober, but I *heart* technology, especially the kind that makes the tedious necessities of life a little more interesting.

And since I want this post to count towards points in the KnitWars, I have to include a picture:

Purse, waiting to be felted

This is a purse that I knit months and months ago, that has been sitting on a shelf ever since, waiting to be felted. I live in an apartment building, with coin-operated washing machines downstairs. The water doesn’t get very hot, and at $1.00 per wash, it can take a lot of valuable quarters to felt things in it. And this isn’t the only purse waiting to be felted. Someday, they’ll be FO’s, and on that day, I’ll be sure to take the KnitWars points for them!

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