Divesting of the stuffies

One of the things I’ve been trying to part with in my quest to declutter my apartment is my impressive stash of stuffed animals, dating back to my wee baby days. I washed the ones I decided I could live without, and brought some to Out of the Closet to donate.

Guess what? You can’t really donate stuffed animals anymore due to the federal lead laws that went into effect in 2009. No one wants to risk the ridic fine for selling any objects that don’t comply, so they just don’t take accept those items anymore.

Well that makes things harder.

Thanks to Toy Story (damn you, Pixar!), I can’t bring myself to throw my toys away, so they spent a couple of weeks riding around in the back of my car. But one day, in the company parking garage, I came up with a solution when I saw my boss’s top-down convertible parked nearby.

Yes, I did. I doll-bombed his car.

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