Natal Anniversary Post

Today’s my birthday, and I tried to do a little early celebrating by splurging at Yarns Unlimited yesterday before my PT appointment.  I got there at 11:15am, which should’ve been perfect, since the store opened at 11am, except…it didn’t.  I got there, and the doors were locked, the security gate was pulled, and all the lights were out.  It was very sad-making, let me tell you.  I’m in a self-imposed yarn embargo, so deciding to buy yarn I didn’t need was a Big Deal, and then it was gone, like smoke.  Phooey.  I’d really wanted that bulky wool, too.

I did, however, finished the shell shawl last night.  Woot!  I have no pictures yet, but soon, I promise.  In the meantime, I’m going to go celebrate my birthday a bit more before dinner with a glass of Irish Mist–mmmm, yummy!

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