The Day After

As part of my birthday celebration yesterday, I spent part of my day at Barnes & Noble, because it’s one of my favoritest places ever.  While there, I purchased many Fall knitting magazines, which, I have to say, have gotten quite expensive.  Seriously, $35 for five magazines?  (Maybe six, I don’t remember exactly.)  So far I’ve only gone through one of them, but that’s because the new Vogue Knitting is enormous–silver anniversary edition, guaranteed to give you a sore shoulder as you cart it around The Grove in your shoulder bag. I don’t know why I continue to buy VK, as I so very rarely ever make anything from it.  Perhaps it’s the pretty (yet dark–?!) pictures, or the articles (it does have good articles).  But the patterns are usually way too complicated/big/time-consuming/ to justify the cost when you consider $35 for five-six magazines.

Still, pictures of pretty yarns and stitches and textures will get me every time. And it’s so glossy! (Translation: shiny!)

Soon, my awesome friend Kristen will be dropping off the remainder of my birthday cake (I had too many other things to carry last night) and a caramel latte from Coffee Bean, and then I shall chill out in my favorite chair, eating cake, drinking caffeine, and reading the rest of my new magazines–the ones with patterns that actually inspire me.

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