New book, new graphic

I’m ridiculously happy with my new header graphic.  As much as I liked the old one, it was still the generic header that came with the pre-made theme–I didn’t want my laziness for design to prolong the initial launch of the blog, way back when.  Fortunately, my laziness with regard to laundry meant I finally took the time to at least change the header.  Not sure what else I’ll change–so far I like all the presets with the Leone theme. 

In other news, I was in Barnes and Noble last week where I picked up Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter.  Harry Potter! And knitting patterns!  Two of my favorite things, all wrapped up in one package!  There wasn’t enough squee in the world when I found this little gem.

I haven’t read it cover to cover yet, just flipped through it, but so far I like it.  I’m not so sure I’ll be knitting any of the patterns, though.  My attention span is too short for any of the sweaters; I don’t like DPNs, so the socks and mittens are out; and the needles sizes are so small for most of the patterns–I may have missed it, but so far the largest needles I’ve seen mentioned are nines, yikes!  (ETA:  Wait, no!  Just saw that 13s are used for Ron’s Animal Crackers Hat, page 144.)  The Clock Blanket (page 29) is tempting, though.  And a huge plus can be found on page 141, where the author has included a row-by-row stitch pattern in addition to a chart for the cables on Hermione’s Cabled Hat–books so rarely include the row-by-row breakdown for those of us who are chart-challenged!

So yes, my initial impression is SQUEE!  If I change my mind, I’ll let you know. 🙂

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