Finally, pictures of WIPs

I know, it took way too long to get these up, but I finally got around to it, and now, yay! Pictures!  All blankets below were crocheted in the log cabin style featured in Mason-Dixon Knitting.

WIP: Noah's Buffy Season Two blanketFirst is my favorite, Noah’s Buffy Season Two Blanket, so named because that’s what I’ve been watching while I’ve worked on it.  I picked up the yarn two weeks ago at Handmade–five shades of Plymouth Encore, as it’s one of the easiest yarns to work with, has neato bright colors, and is washable.  There are two blues, one (bright) green, one purple and one variegated.  I’m very happy with it so far, I think the colors work together beautifully.  It needs three more sections to be complete (i.e., the same size as Grace’s).

The second is Grace’s Sorcerer’s Stone Blanket (named for the audio book I was listening to while working on it).  While I adore the bright oranges, yellows and pink of this blanket, I think I failed on the execution.  The problems:

WIP: Grace's Sorcerer's Stone blanket1.  I used the same color for two consecutive sections each, which worked great when I only had three colors, but not so much with five.

2.  Each section is made up of nine rows–way too many, it turns out.  Five rows worked so much better with Noah’s blanket.  This problem, mixed with the first problem, meant I ran out of pink when I was only four rows from being finished, requiring me to buy a whole new ball.  Bah.

 3.  I didn’t order the colors very well, and the two oranges that look really similar–but aren’t–ended up too close in the order, which meant switching things up.  I don’t think this mistake hurt as much as the other two, but it offends my own anal-retentive need for order and symmetry.

This blanket will be finished when I finally get around to adding the last four rows of pink (plus a border, of course).  So, very close now.

WIP: Scrap blanketThe final blanket is just a hodgepodge of the leftover yarn from the other two blankets.  No clue how it’ll look, as I’m really not planning it at all; nor how big it’ll be.  I might go out of my way to make it larger, large enough to give it to my aunt for a lap blanket for Christmas.

I’m really enjoying the log cabin styled blanket, and crochet in general.  However, I don’t think I’m spacing my stitches very well when I’m picking up along the edges, hence the weird puckering in all the blankets.  Just when I think I’ve figured it out, I lay it flat and voila! Puckers aplenty!  Fortunately, I don’t think the babies will care.

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