Outta yarn

First, let me say that I’m coming to adore crochet.  It’s so much faster than knitting, that I can finish a baby blanket in a week with double crochet, when it takes me three times that (if not more) to knit a Big Bad Baby Blanket.  That said, however, it uses more yarn than I expected–I’m about five rows from finishing Grace’s log cabin blanket, and I ran out of yarn!  Ok, so I didn’t run out of *all* yarn, but I ran out of the pink Plymouth Encore about halfway through the last pink stripe.  Not fair!  I mean, sure, it’s a great color, so even if (when) I buy another ball of the pink, I know I’ll use the rest of it in another project, ’cause it’s just too cute not to.  But I was so close to being finished, and now I have to wait until I can find time for a trip into the Valley to get another skein.  And you just know I won’t be walking out of there with just the one skein.  *sigh*

 Just as well, I suppose, as I have to stock up on the right colors for Noah’s blanket, which will be my next project.  And no, I still haven’t gone back to my ribbon tank top.  Sadly.

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