Knitting and Crochet


I’m on a massive cleaning mission.  My sister and her husband are visiting next week, so the place is getting it’s semi-annual clean sweep.  My bedroom is the scary task this year, which is very rare, because generally my bedroom is where I sleep and that’s about it, so it’s usually easy too clean, but this year it became the storehouse of my yarn/wip overflow.  Boxes and bags of yarn, including yarn that used to be my mothers, are stacked chest high by the windows, and canvas bags of wips that I’d long since forgotten about where lying nearby, waiting to be rediscovered.  I found pieces to a teddy bear, a barely started blanket, sample squares, two purses waiting to be seamed and felted, three blankets that were finished but never washed/blocked, and a fibonacci scarf that I’d knitted too far on and still needs about ten rows de-knit.


Sadly, I have no time this week or next to do anything about these items, so they’ve been repackaged to look neater; some boxes even fit on previously emptied shelves.  Poor, sad works in progress.  *sigh*

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