No excuse to be bored

For future reference, this is a list of all the things I always put off that I want to get done “someday”. Hopefully when I’m bored, I’ll remember this list and maybe actually accomplish something on it so I can finally cross it off!

+ The desktop computer needs all the data backed off it so I can either turn it into a server, or get rid of it. I haven’t even turned it on in months.

+ The desk needs to go. Clean everything off, toss most of it, find new homes for the rest, and get rid of the desk.

+ The many half-burned candles on the many flat surfaces are not “knickknacks”, they are clutter. Box them up and put them away when they’re not being used.

+ Get some large binders with pockets for discs, and de-box all the dvds (starting with television, I think). The packaging is pretty but takes up unnecessary space. Put the packaging in storage boxes under the bed for the someday when I have a bigger place with more space.

+ Be brutal and declutter. The lamp I never use ’cause it doesn’t have a shade; the hideous dog statues that my elderly neighbor gave me “just because”; the beanies from my Disney collecting stage; cabinets and drawers I haven’t opened  in years and couldn’t even tell you what’s in them (obviously I don’t need whatever’s in there).

+ Put half my displayed pictures away in a box, and put it on the calendar to switch them out every four-six months.

+ Clean out the yarn. There’s no way in the world I’m ever going to use all that I have. Some of it, I lost interest in it as soon as I brought it home. DESTASH already!

+ Go through the closet again. I got rid of a lot of stuff last time, but there’s still a lot that I classify as “winter wear” that I never touched this winter. It needs to go.

+ Finish painting the bookshelves.

+ Watch the dvds on the “to be watched” shelf.

+ Learn new skills from the gazillion videos on PHP, Drupal and advanced Javascript top the list, but it wouldn’t hurt to learn more advanced Photoshop skills too.

+ Redesign, it desperately needs it.

+ Redesign my own site, it also desperately needs it.

+ Clean out the storage closet.

+ Clean out the fridge. Say goodbye to the lovely orange container my sister gave me, ’cause there’s no way I’ll ever use it again anyway now that it has what amounts to a science experiment living in it.

+ Scan old photographs.

+ Hang pictures in the bedroom. The walls are depressingly bare.

+ Flip the mattress pad.

+ Finish Haley’s blanket already.

+ Start Chloe’s blanket.

+ Color my hair (waaaay overdue).

+ Wash the bathroom ceiling and walls.

If you think a list this long should insure I’d never get bored, then you underestimate how lazy I really am.

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