Knitting and Crochet

Purse three, on the needles

The brown and red purse is off the needles, and now I’m working on a turquoise and white clutch purse from One Skein.  I brought it with me today to work on during lunch, but forgot to bring the pattern, and I couldn’t remember how many increase rounds there were.  Damn.

I’ve starting thinking of the next month as my own version of “Summer of Socks” only instead of summer, it’s the holiday season, and instead of socks, it’s felted purses.  It’ll be interesting to see how many of them I can finish in the next month.  But then, I also want to make items for my b.i.l. and a couple of other people that aren’t purses, so I’ll have to find time for that, too.  For now, though, it’s all purses, all the time!

Knit purseAnd to give you something pretty to look at, here’s a picture of my first ever felted purse, made for my mom for the first Christmas after I learned to knit (2004). It was made with Cascade 220, and the pattern was free from the store, but I think they’d downloaded it from the web. It has a magnetic closure.

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