This post has no intrinsic value

And what exactly is the definition of the word intrinsic?  According to, it means “belonging to a thing by its very nature.”  Does that mean anything to you?  ‘Cause it doesn’t mean a darned thing to me.  No matter, I still like saying it–intrinsic!

And I’m done.  Can you tell I’m bored to pieces?  I know boredom is a sign of, well, a very bad thing, I’m sure, but I find myself mired in indecision and an absence of motivation.  My downfall, you see, is my clean apartment.  When my apartment needs to be cleaned, I can find a gazillion things to do that must be done before actually cleaning; but today, I had a guest visit for some tutoring in Javascript, which of course meant lots of emergency-cannot-procrastinate cleaning.  Now here I sit, in my beautifully clean apartment, and I don’t know what to do with myself.

Knit, you say?  Crochet?  You mean pick up yarn in this admittedly not *so* sweltering heat?  You’re right, I should.  I have a booga bag that’s only half finished, and the scrap blanket that’ll probably never be finished, and I still only have one completed square for that Larger than Life bag.  I fear the yarn today, though; I know that once I pick it up, I’ll be planted in this chair for the rest of the day.  As long as I resist, there’s always the possibility, albeit a slim one, that I’ll stand up and go do something.  I don’t know what that something is, but I’m sure it’ll come to me, as long as I don’t tie myself down with yarn. (But not literally.) (This time.)

So far I’ve eaten some nuts….and put my feet in the pool….and helped my elderly neighbors with a wanna-wander cat…and eaten some cheese…and updated my Amazon wishlist (by request from my sis, as my birthday is coming up).  Um, yeah.  That’s about it.  Pathetic, isn’t it?

But on the bright side, I’ve updated my blog, so that my two readers will have something new to read, instead of wondering why I haven’t updated in a week.

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